brings together film music and multimedia while offering an international program packed with an array of the greatest stars of the film industry. The festival was created by the producer, composer, songwriter and film musician Michal Dvořák, a member of the famous Czech band Lucie, the initiator and visionary winner of several music awards.

Festival Award

The SOUNDTRACK Award as beautiful as it is, was created in cooperation with the architect Stefan Milkov and traditional Czech company Preciosa. It is granted to artists for their extraordinary contribution to either Czech or world film music and has been received so far by Michael Pavlíček, Nicola Piovani, Karel Svoboda im memorim and Radim Hladík.

History of the festival

The 0th year of the festival SOUNDTRACK Poděbrady was held in 2016, as an audiovisual show including such Czech music stars as David Koller, Michal Kocáb, Jaroslav Uhlíř, Dasha, Ondřej Ruml and, of course, Michal Dvořák.

In 2017, Michal Dvořák introduced the 1st year of the festival as we know it – four days full of audiovisual program and multimedia held in the spa park.

During the first two years, the festival was attended by more than 45,000 people. We look forward to seeing you this year again!


What to look forward to?

To SOUNDTRACK Poděbrady 2018!

Between August 30 and September 2, 2018, the spa town of Poděbrady will again host the International Music and Multimedia Festival SOUNDTRACK Poděbrady – an interactive experience for all ages, a combination of music and modern technologies, video projections and rich entertainment program in the spa park.

On the main stage, you can look forward to the opening mega-show of Čechomor: The Year of the Devil, which opens the entire festival on Thursday night – the holiday of film soundtracks.

Come to see the world-premiere project of the Czech composer Ondřej Soukup, holder of two CFTA Awards for Best music. Kolya, Dark Blue World, Empties – you can look forward to both symphony-arranged soundtracks and projections not only of these films on Friday at 8 pm.

We also have the honor of hosting the concert of Eric Serra and his band on Saturday at 8 pm. Luc Besson’s court composer will perform the music he composed for such iconic films as The Fifth Element, James Bond: The Golden Eye, Nikita, Leon, or The Big Blue.


Many performers

6 music stages

This year’s main stage of SOUNTRACK Poděbrady will exceed your expectaions! The main program will be held in a sheltered concert hall on a meadow near the Poděbrady lake opposite the Chateau Poděbrady.

Tight program

4 days
and 4 evenings

An interesting music and multimedia program will take place not only on the main stage. Come to the spa park, the entry is free!


Festival for all

Music, film, multimedia

Film screenings, dancing, workshops, performances, unique food court; simply an entertainment for all ages.